Biz Quiz

Listen to Classic Hits 101.7 every weekday morning for the Biz Quiz with Jim Reed!

There will be 5 trivia questions you need to answer correctly and if you get ANY of the 5 questions wrong, the questions will continue on to the next day’s caller.  Jim never reveals which questions you got right or wrong.

The last winner was on April 11th with the following questions and answers.

1.) CBGB, the former famous New York music club stand for what?  (Country, Blue Grass and Blues)

2.) What was the very first book ever published by Charles Dickens? (The Pickwick Papers)

3.) From the list of foods which cause allergies in humans, which particular food product is at the top of the list? (Nuts)

4.) What single city contains about 20% of the residents of its entire continent? (Sydney, Australia )

5.) There are many varieties of apples.  Can you name the common variety of apple which has a shiny green skin and is very tart and crunchy?  (Granny Smith)

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