Biz Quiz

Listen to Classic Hits 101.7 every weekday morning for the Biz Quiz with Jim Reed!

There will be 5 trivia questions you need to answer correctly and if you get ANY of the 5 questions wrong, the questions will continue on to the next day’s caller.  Jim never reveals which questions you got right or wrong.

The last winner was on March 12th with the following questions and answers.

1.) This creature can live several weeks with its head cut off.  (Cockroach)

2.) Thomas Edison was desperately afraid of this.  (The Dark)

3.) These creatures always sleep with one eye open.  (Dolphins)

4.) Doing this alone or in a group will actually make you healthier by reducing your stress.  (Singing)

5.) The most common religious affiliation among presidents has been what?   (Espiscopalian, followed by Presbyterian)

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