Biz Quiz

Listen to Classic Hits 101.7 every weekday morning for the Biz Quiz with Jim Reed!

There will be 5 trivia questions you need to answer correctly and if you get ANY of the 5 questions wrong, the questions will continue on to the next day’s caller.  Jim never reveals which questions you got right or wrong.

The last winner was on May 21st with the following questions and answers.

1.) What type of apple was used as the symbol for the Beatles’ record label, Apple Records?  (Granny Smith)

2.) How was the 45.52 carat Hope Diamond delivered to the Smithsonian Institute when jeweler Harry Winston donated it in 1958? (The gem was packed in a plain brown wrapper and sent by registered first class mail.)

3.) How much horsepower does a real horse have? (Only 0.7 HP)

4.) What social pursuit did lifestyle guru Martha Stewart describe as very “time-consuming”, considering that she has “gardens to plant and horses to ride and all that stuff to do”? (Online Dating)

5.) What happens when a Venus flytrap snaps shut on a leaf, a pebble or some other inedible object?  (It spits it out. )

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