Jim, Carrie & Angie Rewind Page


6/30/22:  A new word was added to the dictionary, even through it’s not proper grammar.  They added it because everyone says it so the dictionary publishers have thrown in the towel…


6/30/22:  What Fort Wayne Restaurant do you miss going to?  Lots of great memories!


6/29/22:  Jim Carrie and Angie were remembering the great Derecho of June 29th, 2012, on its 10 anniversary this week…


6/28/22:  Who hides their toasters?  Carrie and Angie do.


6/28/22:  People who are friends tend to smell like each other.  Yep.


6/27/22:  Record companies are telling their artists new songs should be under 2:30 minutes long.  Wait till you hear why!


6/22/22:  Take this 10 second test to see how fit/healthy you are right now.  Can you do it?


6/22/22:  Make sure you listen to this before you fly anyplace this summer…


6/16/22:  We wrap up the saga of the big houseboat that was parked at the Ramada Inn on Coldwater Road.  The owner calls in to tell us what happened to it…


6/16/22:  At what age do most people now say they feel sexiest?  Whatever you guessed, you’re probably wrong.


6/9/22:  Carrie felt bad about having an old school email address. Looks like she isn’t the only one…


6/8/22:  With gas prices as high as they are, we want to give a shout out to Fort Wayne’s Fastest Drive Thru’s.


6/7/22:  Here’s what a driver of an F150XL is doing now that gas is so expensive and how far some people drive for work each day/what is costs them now…


6/7/22:  What’s this we hear, a Regatta in Fort Wayne?


6/2/22:  The board game that has torn so many families apart by making players angry at each other has made some changes…


6/1/22:  You think gas expensive for your car, this is what’s happening at the lakes this summer!


5/26/22:  People need to start having more babies.  Jim explains why and has a special Public Service Announcement to remind Millennials to have more kids…


5/25/22:  Can you tell the cheapest person at a holiday potluck by what they bring?


5/25/22: For all the parents whose college graduate children are moving back in, we’ve got a special song for you…


5/24/22:  Jim tries to explain by the time you can afford a tiny sportscar, you’re not limber enough to get out of it…


5/18/22:  Crazy things your pets have eaten, including how clean is a dog’s mouth?  Really?


5/18/22:  Jim turns into a progress stopper as Fort Wayne makes it onto the top of another great places to live survey.


5/17/22:  Well, Jim and Angie finally learned what a “Farmers Blow” means…


5/16/22:  Carrie flips out over a Kendell Jenner video about a Cucumber that’s going viral…


5/12/22:  Sounds that kids will never hear.  Play these for your kids and let them experience the “old days”.


5/12/22:  A new study says we have different personalities at work vs. at home.  Carrie has a perfect example of this playing out…


5/11/22:  With Garage Sale season in full swing, is there anyone who has bought something for a few dollars and realized it was worth 10 times what you paid?


5/11/22:  People whose rent is getting a shock when their new lease comes up for renewal.  We found the person who’s rent has gone up the most…


5/5/22:  What is happening on Thomas Road every morning between 7 and 7:30?


5/5/22:  Why does everyone in Fort Wayne hate our Strip Malls?


4/28/22:  The Zoo opens again with little if any restrictions for the first time in two years.  The new Zoo Director stops by for a quick visit and updates us on what to expect this year.


4/27/22:  Wow, this really took off.  What candy would you refuse, because you dislike it so much? Top 2 answers keep showing-up over and over…


4/26/22:  Did we find another Female Mascot (Besides Ruby Red Fox) in Fort Wayne?  Someone thinks so…


4/26/22:  Carrie’s Court deals with a guy who is allergic to his fiancé’s three cats.  What will he do?




4/20/22:  Red Fox at IU Ft. Wayne today from 2-3.  Wait.  What?


4/20/22:  Wait till you hear how many people Netflix says are sharing their Netflix log-in credentials with family and friends!


4/19/22:  On this edition of “Carrie’s Court” we help someone who wants to have a Wednesday (instead of a Weekend) wedding so they can pay for the alcohol…


4/18/22:  There is one Ft. Wayne restaurant that made Open Table’s list of the overall Best Restaurants in Indiana this month.


4/18/22:  We’re talking about the newest “Are You Becoming Your Parents” insurance commercials that are hitting too close to home.


4/14/22:  What do you think of a 4 day work week?  One state is already talking it, could Indiana follow?


4/13/22:  Since Ft. Wayne has become a medical hub of sorts; we were interested to learn about what kind of music are surgeons listening to in the operating room?  We finally know what songs help them become more accurate yet work faster.


4/12/22:  We were remembering fun times spent shopping at Fort Wayne’s K-Mart stores…


4/11/22:  Well, what do you know, people working from home seem to be working more than if they went into the office!  We had to write a song about this, too…


4/7/22:  Do you REALLY want to know if the Government had proof of Aliens existing?  We took an instant poll to see if people have enough to deal with w/out knowing the details…


4/7/22:  The excessive Tiger Woods coverage at the Masters is embarrassing.  What about all the other golfers?  Wait till you hear this audio example of what we’re talking about- outrageous!


4/6/22:  Well, Hollywood meets Hockey, what genius move did a PA announcer pull during an NHL game this week that might have reverberations all across the league, including- maybe- at the Komet games?


4/5/22:  People are being called back into the office but end up doing the same things they could easily still do while working at home!  I think we need a song about this…


3/30/22:  Have any family visiting Ft. Wayne soon?  We were talking about all the places they should visit while here, and then someone called in with a unique suggestion…


3/30/22:  Do men and women fold socks differently?  Well, apparently so.


3/29/22:  Check out our new Oscar parody song!  Plus, ratings are in for this year’s broadcast, too…


3/28/22:  We have the raw, slightly edited version of what happened at the Oscars this week and (most importantly) what led up to “The Slap” heard round the world.


3/24/22:  Carrie talks about what Don Henley said to the crowd at the Eagles show in Indy that was totally unexpected and made her gain a new level of respect for him…


3/24/22:  This button is pressed 136 million times every day!  Chances are you have pressed it many times this week already…


3/24/22:  Jim thinks this is, without a doubt, the greatest opening line of a pop music song.  See what you think…


3/23/22:  Where are they putting a new emergency/medical facility now?  Jim thinks they should have done this with that land instead.


3/23/22:  Rents in Fort Wayne have exploded!  Wait till you hear what a 1 bedroom apartment is going for today…


3/21/22:  There is just one area city that makes the list of Best Places to Live, Raise a Family and Own a Home in Indiana.  Can you guess which City it is?


3/17/22:  Because of Jim’s great knowledge of Sports, local politicians are now calling in to find out what his picks are for the NCAA Tourney…


3/16/22:  Sure, everyone knows these popular songs, but do you know what movie they were from?  Jim put Carrie and Angie to the test.


3/16/22:  The list is out, here are the new most popular dog breeds in the USA.  Do you have one of these pets?


3/15/22:  Listen to our new NCAA Parody song we made just in time for the start of the tournament.


3/14/22:  40 years ago this week, Ft. Wayne earned the title The City That Saved Itself, thanks to the young people.  Today, we look back as President Regan came to town…


3/9/22:  Listen to this guy’s story about his girlfriend and the engagement ring and see what you think…


3/9/22:  So, what did your parents do with your room when you moved out?  Or what did you do with your kids’ room when they left?


3/8/22:  Ft. Wayne City Utilities water, once again, ranked in the top 5 in a national taste test.  So, we put it to the test ourselves in a blind studio taste test!


3/8/22:  Here is list of how many over 300-pound football players were in the NFL starting in 1970, and every ten years through today!


3/7/22:  Leave your toaster always sit on top of the Kitchen counter, or use it and put it away?  Let’s take a phone poll and see who does this…


3/3/22:  Check out some of nostalgic Ft. Wayne commercials we had fun with today…


3/3/22:  Why was Pat Sajak putting out a Tweet Storm last night?  Did you see what happened on the show?


3/2/22:  According to a new study, looking at Old Pictures of your youth may fight aches and pains.  We’ll explain how to do it.


3/1/22:  So, Neil Diamond just sold his music catalogue.  Think of all the Niel Diamond songs that now can be used in commercials.  Here’s a good example…


2/17/22:  What the normal way to get dressed?  Socks, Pants and Shirt, right?  Listen to what Jim says is the only way to get ready in the morning…


2/16/22:  What things on TV excite your dog?  Angie say this commercial makes her dog go crazy, and it looks like many others have the same experience.  What commercial is it?


2/15/22:  If you like Avocado’s, you have to hear this!


2/14/22:  Especially for Valentine’s Day, I “Met” my Valentine at a “Meat” market.  Pierres, Charades, Shenanigans, Rumors, Gentry’s, The Picker, Gio’s, Brickley’s Firehouse, Chasers, etc., all places where true love was born!


2/10/22:  Two Ft. Wayne area school system superintendents lay down the gauntlet in a Super Bowl wager for the ages!


2/9/22:  What is a food or drink that you used to love but they don’t make anymore?


2/8/22:  Behind the scenes with Grocery delivery shoppers and the one thing that drives them crazy you might be doing when order groceries online…


2/7/21:  What crazy things did you threaten your kids with…and then had to follow through?


2/7/21:  We talk about how to make Snow Ice Cream, and how easy it is- even Jim can do it!


2/2/22:  This song from a Disney Movie is now the number 1 song in the WORLD!  Have you heard of it?


1/28/22:  Carrie pointed something out about the Southbound I-69/Illinois Road interchange that is causing some issues with area drivers.


1/27/22:  Angie apologies for causing chaos at Fort Wayne Community Schools with something she mentioned just once yesterday.  But, once was enough…


1/26/22:  How accurate are car thermometers in this bitter cold weather.  Of course, Jim has to try to find out…


1/20/22:  A seasoned truck driver w/40 years’ experience called to tell us what he thinks of the government allowing 18-year olds to drive big rigs across the county.  Also, how much money do they make?


1/19/22:  A former truck driver calls us to talk about how using 18–20-year Olds to drive big rigs across the country could be the answer to the trucker shortage…


1/19/22:  Those new Progressive commercials w/Dr. Rick helps homeowners who are becoming their parents is hitting too close to home for Jim!


1/18/22:  Jim shares a 10-question test for women so they will know if they are high maintenance or not.  Thanks, Jim!


1/13/22:  Thanks for Carrie’s story about people who steal food at the Grocery stores, our listeners have now become spies!


1/12/22:  You’ll love this about the TV series “Yellowstone” and why you should watch it.  Plus, the animated spinoff!


1/12/22:  Gross things we’ve seen people do at the Grocery Stores.


1/6/22:  Jim has had it with live Christmas Trees, no more after this year.


1/6/22:  We had fun asking you what type of things you keep on the nightstand on your side of the bed.


1/5/22:  A great follow-up to Angie’s story about bringing food to the family Thanksgiving that no one would eat so it gets thrown away (behind the scenes) to make her feel better…


1/4/22:  Stupid things you did with money between 18-24…


1/4/22:  Well, someone can now it’s possible to have the Flu, plus Corona and they’re calling it “Flurona”.  We came up with a song to help you remember….


1/3/22:  Our long, local, traffic nightmare is finally over.  You’re welcome.


12/21/21:  Well, now that the Springsteen song catalogue has been sold to Sony, we wondered how long it would be till his songs are used in commercials?  We have some we came up with ourselves!


12/16/21:  Do you remember your very first car?  What finally happened to it, how/why did you get rid of it?


12/14/21:  Guess which high profile movie flopped at the theatre on its opening weekend?  Why?


12/9/21:  We found out today what women’s GO-TO gift for their man is when they have no clue what to buy them…


12/9/21:  Uh oh, blade payments are coming due for private snowplow contractors, but there is no snow in sight?  Won’t you help?


12/8/21:  Have you ever been fired from a job unexpectedly?  We tell our stories…


12/6/21:  We were talking about holiday movies today and everyone knows the Christmas Special “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”, right?  Today we found out that the ending was changed from its original form.  Here is what it originally sounded like…


12/2/21:  If you bring food to a dinner, like Thanksgiving, and no one eats it, is it polite for the hostess to toss some of it in the trash to show that it was eaten?


12/2/21:  In the Spirit of the Hanukkah Song, we’ve got one to raise awareness of the new COVID variant, Omicron…


12/1/21:  Oh no, why is the Gucci family so upset with the new movie.  Also, is Lady Gaga’s accent in the movie Russian or Italian?


11/30/21:  Listen to which song always got Jim in trouble when he played it over the years…and why.


11/29/21:  What songs were you afraid to listen to in front of your parents?


11/18/21:  We wanted to know what/who starts fights at Thanksgiving Dinner?


11/17/21:  #1 Turn on/off for men and women, plus what is cleaner a dog or a man beard?


11/17/21:  Ladies, how do you know, for sure, that your man REALLY loves you?  Jim thinks he has the answer!


11/16/21:  What food do insiders say NEVER to eat at a hotel and why Carrie has disdain for picked eggs…


11/15/21: What is Jim begging Ft. Wayne TV stations to report on and will they take his advice?


11/11/21:  In honor of National Singles Day, we were remembering Fort Wayne’s best singles bars, where you could easy go in a “single” and come out a “double.


11/10/21:  What is the oldest thing you own?


11/9/21:  If someone else had the exact first and last name as you, and lived in the same town, too, what kind of issues could come up?


11/8/21:  The list of most popular baby names for 2021 came out today, we compared it to the same list from 1981!


11/4/21:  Is it true that once an average guy starts dating beautiful Hollywood actresses and models, he enters a “forbidden city”?


11/4/21:  How do normal, everyday, people pronounce the word DACHSHUND.  Carrie apologizes to Jim about this…


11/4/21:  Well, Angie had a little trouble when she tried to pay for something with a picture of her husband’s credit card.


11/3/21:  Did you hear about the High School Football game that ended with a 106-0 score?  We were talking about the “Mercy” rule in High School sports.


10/28/21:  We talk about being winning the “Morning Show of the Year” award from the Indiana Broadcasters Association.  Jim puts his own “spin” on it, too.


10/28/21:  Cigarette sales are on the rise for the first time in 20 years.  This sounds like information to pass along to the “Smokers Hot Line” in Ft. Wayne.


10/26/21:  Listen to this story of a lost hiker in Colorado and the one unbelievable question search and rescue had for him after they found him.


10/26/21:  Jim talks about an article that lists songs everyone knows but hardly anyone knows who did them.  So, Jim tests Carrie and Angie with a few song clips to see how they do…


10/25/21:  Jim, Carrie and Angie are trying to help find a new home for Toys for Tots to use for two months to distribute toys to area families.  Can you help?  Listen for details…


10/21/21:  What are the three foods Americans Hate the most?  And weird food combinations you won’t believe!


10/21/21:  We talked to the owners of the house that’s so amazingly decorated for Halloween that they are up for a National Award and a trip to Hawaii!  Find out where it is in Fort Wayne, so you can check it out!


10/20/21:  So, this guy applies for 60 jobs.  Guess how many interviews he lands?


10/19/21:  How old were you when construction started at Washington Center Road and N. Clinton (by Dwenger)?  Here are what callers had to say!


10/14/21:  Who has ever eaten something called “Johnny Marzetti”?  And other school lunch delights!


10/13/21:  Another Fort Wayne contestant on NBC’s “The Voice”, Samuel Harness, calls in to Jim, Carrie and Angie.


10/13/21:  What do you think is the MOST vaccinated zip code in Allen County, with 98%?



10/11/21:  What are things about Fort Wayne outsiders don’t understand and why Greeks never go camping?


10/7/21:  What could turn Columbia City into the new Bluffton, Indiana? Get ready Whitley County!


10/6/21:  Urban Meyer’s night out and what his wife thinks about it.


10/5/21:  With these big lottery jackpots, we followed up on what happened to the couple that claimed their massive winnings on the Today Show a few years ago.


9/30/21:  Randy Brown, Coliseum General Manger and a frequent guest over the past 25 years, joins us for a final goodbye as he retires.  We talk about some of the great memories the Coliseum has made for so many people in Fort Wayne.


9/28/21:  Here is the clip that Jim, Carrie and Angie were laughing about that had David Letterman as reporter at an NBA press conference.


9/28/21:  Here is why Eli Manning gave a “Double Bird” on the Manning Bros. ESPN show last night!


9/27/21:  The new list is in, here are the top 3 best-selling vehicles in the state of Indiana over the past year.  What do you think is number 1?


9/27/21:  Do they still put laundry chutes in homes today?  Did you ever throw clothes down to the basement that were clean because you didn’t want to fold them?


9/22/21:  Great news!  Here are five bad habits you should keep!


9/22/21:  Jim talks to former Congressman Mark Souder about his new book “Television in Fort Wayne 1953-2018” as he tells some great stories about watching local TV news in the 70’s and 80’s.


9/21/21:  Here’s list of the top 10 cars that get the most speeding tickets.  Also, can women escape a speeding ticket by crying?


9/20/21:  What’s going on with all the bees around the area!  Callers are telling us their horror stories.


9/16/21:  We were curious to find out what is the first thing you do as soon as you get home from work every day?


9/16/21:  Here they are, the new nominees for the Toy Hall of Fame.  How many of these from your childhood made it this year?


9/16/21:  Here are five signs that you WON’T get divorced.  See if these apply to you.


9/13/21:  We were talking about how old you were when you took your first “sip” of Alcohol.  And did you parents give it to you to try?


9/9/21:  To celebrate the start of another NFL season, we were taking your Football Stories today.


9/9/21:  Watch out fake meat, they’re no working on fake fish!  We came-up with a jingle perfect for it!


9/9/21:  We tell the story of how our show was instrumental in getting public bathrooms installed in Indiana BMV locations.


9/7/21:  Here’s an example of why lots of people are tiring of doing Zoom calls and are going back to the good ole’ Telephone.


9/2/21:  So women say they find men who THIS, super sexy?  Really?


9/1/21:  A school board member was conducting a meeting and got pranked with a list of “Fake” names to call out.


9/1/21:  Jim had to apologize for things he said about the new local IU Mascot, The Red Foxes.  He tried to make it better, but somehow it backfired.


8/26/21:  August gets no respect; it’s become part of fall with the schools opening and all the Pumpkin Spice this and that out there.  We came up with a song to express how we feel!


8/25/21:  Well, we’ve got a new spokesman for the show.  You get to hear him for the first time today!


8/25/21:  Here we go with more Fort Wayne neighborhood news from the “Next Door” app…


8/24/21:  What types of Fort Wayne Field Trips did you go on when you were in school?  Ours were not that much fun.


8/23/21:  We love finding Neighborhood stories on the Next-Door App.  Here is one about a northside neighborhood, a duck and a woman who gets attached by the HOA!


8/19/21:  Jim wants men in their 40’s and 50’s to join him for a mid-life crisis before they won’t be able to enjoy it.


8/19/21:  Listen to this story about what happened at a FW restaurant this week!


8/17/21:  Top 5 Tuesday, topic today is “Five Worst Intersections in Fort Wayne”.  What do you think came in at number 1 (not even close)?


8/17/21:  We love reading some of the neighborhood posts on the Next-Door App.  Like this one about a duck!


8/16/21:  Listen to what happened to Jim, Carrie and Angie in the parking garage when they were all in Chicago last week!


8/10/21:  What types of things to “cheap” people bring to a Potluck/Carry-In?


8/9/21:  We’re celebrating National Underwear Day by asking how many holes a pair of men’s underwear has to have before they consider getting rid of it?


8/4/21:  Yet another Accolade given to Fort Wayne!  Jim adds it to his list.  What is it this week?


8/4/21:  We were talking about how roads in Ft. Wayne change names several times in just a few miles.


7/29/21:  Another celebrity power couple who say they don’t really bathe or take showers.  So, here’s what they do instead…


7/28/21:  They just pulled a live, 5-foot gator out a lake in Whitely County!


7/28/21:  We had fun finding out how you got your name.  TV Show, Movie, Song?


7/22/21:  Another day, another two (2) more Accolades for Fort Wayne.  Winning is becoming boring.


7/22/21:  Angie’s friend who was visiting from Florida listens to us down there.  Wait till you hear what she wanted to see first thing when she got to Ft. Wayne!


7/21/21:  Listen to this personality test based on the types of Snack Foods you like to eat!  Potato Chips, Tortilla Chips, Beef Jerky, Cheese Curls, etc…


7/20/21:  We now know what percentage of the American population believes that a 5G chip is included with your vaccination.


7/15/21:  Something that’s been a part of Ft. Wayne for over 50 years is going away!


7/14/21:  Well, another week, another accolade for the Summit City.  Who’s getting tired of winning?


7/14/21:  After almost 400 votes, what was the number answer to the question, “The last thing Ft. Wayne Needs is another ___?


7/13/21:  Who still has a landline phone?  Apparently, Carrie does, and she’s not alone.


7/13/21:  Small World Stories, places away from home you’ve run into other people.


7/9/21:  Can you find Louisiana on a Map?  How about India?  Congratulations!  Guess how many people cannot?


7/8/21:  We were talking about Inadvertent Nudity today and taking your stories.


6/30/21:  What are some Ft. Wayne restaurants that you miss going to?


6/29/21:  Here is a 10-question quiz for married women to take to see if they are getting on their husband’s nerves.


6/28/21:  Well, callers are now attacking people who get to still work at home after all this time.


6/23/21:  For Men, being in a bad marriage is as bad for them as smoking.  Maybe the smoker’s hotline should know about this?


6/22/21:  A Pool or The Lake?  Which is better?  And wait till you hear what some people do in lake water, too!


6/21/21:  A couple handcuffed themselves together in hopes that it would help smooth out their relationship.  Hear the story of how long they lasted handcuffed.  You won’t believe it!


6/17/21:  We’re asking Men, what do you wish Fathers would teach their daughters?


6/17/21:  Who are the people that come-up with the designs for Father’s Day Cards we see in Drug Stores?  They don’t look anything like the ones for mom.


6/16/21:  You’ll never guess how many people said they’ve tried their pet’s food!


6/16/21:  Which Rock Legend told Facebook to “Shove It” when they wanted to use his song?


6/14/21:  If you’re over the age of 30, here are five things you should not have in your house anymore.


6/14/21:  Guess what’s coming back this summer that’s been gone for a year, the Common Cold!


6/7/21:  Oh no!  This board game is responsible for more family fights than any other.  Things get ugly when people play this.


6/3/21:  If your over 25 you shouldn’t be able to hear this tone.  See how good your hearing is…


6/3/21:  What are some popular Fort Wayne Night Spots/Clubs that are no longer around?


6/2/21:  What was your first job after you graduated from High School?  Jim, Carrie and Angie share where they worked in Fort Wayne.


5/25/21:  With every business needing workers, why is this group not getting a job after applying everywhere?


5/24/21:  Uh oh, we’re getting reports of coyotes running around neighborhoods around Coldwater and Wallen Roads again.


5/24/21:  What kind of Senior Prank did these kids pull to get half of their class suspended?  See if you agree.


5/19/21:  We asked Ladies if shopping with your spouse is an enjoyable experience for you.  Here is what most told us…


5/18/21:  What ever happened to the lost art of The Senior Prank at the end of a school year?


5/17/21:  Give us five words (or less) that will start an argument with your significant other.


5/13/21:  What do you think of these new inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for 2021?


5/13/21:  The time we realized we are turning into our parents?


5/12/21:  Take this short quiz to see how disciplined you really are?  See if Jim, Carrie or Angie was the most disciplined.


5/11/21:  Where is someplace you’ve gone on vacation and vowed that you’d never go back again?


5/6/21:  What happens when you adopt a dog and find out it only understands another language?


4/28/21:  Items from our youth that we’re still hanging onto even today.


4/27/21:  Fort Wayne area business cannot find people to work.  Many are even closing for a few days a week because of no staff.


4/26/21:  There are five Ft. Wayne area zip codes that showed up on the list of the 50 most expensive zip codes in Indiana.  Do you live in one of them?


4/26/21:  Did you hear about the Gender Reveal Party that cracked the foundation of a house 20 miles away? You won’t believe what they did!


4/22/21:  Happy Birthday to the artist that was banned from Carrie’s House when she was growing up!


4/21/21:  The new list of the 2021 most trusted companies is out.  Do you trust these companies to do the right thing?


4/20/21:  After Carrie did a story about how more baby boomers have been forced into retirement, Jim describes what a typical morning for a retiree might be like.


4/20/21:  With the Zoo reopening for the season this weekend, Zoo Director Rick Schuiteman called in with a preview of the new things to look for, including a new restaurant inside the Zoo!


4/19/21:  Angie thinks she spotted someone famous in the Airport and wants a selfie with him.  Well, you have to hear how this ends.


4/15/21:  As Jim and Carrie celebrate their 25th anniversary this week, here’s a montage of just some of the famous guests that have made it onto the show.


4/15/21:  Here is what happened when Mayor Tom Henry stopped by to wish Jim and Carrie a Happy 25th Anniversary.


4/14/21:  As Jim and Carrie celebrate working together for 25 years this week, here are some of the things station management has had to apologize for over the years.


4/8/21:  Who designed the COVID vaccine cards?  And, what you should and should not do when you get one.


4/7/21:  Carrie has an issue with the pink “Public Restroom” soap in the men’s bathroom.


4/6/21:  Why did this episode of a super popular cartoon get pulled?  Listen to the clip in question and see if you agree (one of the funniest episodes ever, too!)


3/31/21:  Jim’s getting beat-up over how great of a job he’s doing in the NCAA brackets from jealous staff members and TV personalities.


3/30/21:  When growing-up, what songs/albums did you buy or listen to that upset your parents?


3/29/21:  Keegan Ferrell, the 3rd Contestant from Ft. Wayne to make it onto The Voice, joined us today to talk about that and how he used to listen to Angie on the radio when he was in Middle School!


3/25/21:  Uh Oh, now listeners are calling to complain that we forgot to include some other high paying jobs on our list of the highest paid occupations in Ft. Wayne from yesterday.


3/24/21:  What are the top 10 highest paying jobs in the city of Fort Wayne (Non-Government)?  #9 Needs no college degree!


3/23/21:  Listen to what most people over the age of 35 said was their biggest regret in life.


3/23/21:  It’s finally happened, a major corporation has bought naming rights to a Big Ten college basketball team!  Get ready for what future games will look like.


3/22/21:  There are places where they will tow your car if it has rust, dents, flat tires or bad paint, because it’s below their “standards”!  Listen to what happened to this one guy who was visiting a friend and drove a “beater”.


3/18/21:  The top 10 things science says do not need to go in the fridge!  We’ve been living a lie!


3/17/21:  This is the week the kids in Fort Wayne literally saved the city in 1982, then President Regan came to say Thank you! Do you remember?


3/16/21:  What were your favorite school cafeteria foods?  Why did they call hamburgers, “Soybean” burgers?


3/15/21:  Which of these do you want back in Fort Wayne? Ponderosa, Sizzler, Shakeys Pizza, or Chi-Chi’s?


3/11/21:  What group are the WORST tippers?  Wait staff tried to avoid them at all costs?  Do you agree with this?


3/10/21:  Stories of the cruelest or most psychotic ways people got fired.


3/9/21:  Remembering first cars and all the things that did not work on your first car?


3/9/21:  Here’s a top 10 list of other cartoons that should also be banned.


3/8/21:  Here is our take on the Royals interview w/Oprah that the whole county seemed to be watching.  Jim has one question about it that no one could answer.


3/4/21:  How many times a year does the average teenage girl slam her bedroom door?


3/3/21:  Do women still wear these?  Or is Angie living in 1968?


3/3/21:  Too many Zoom calls over the past year has men looking to THIS for help.


2/25/21:  Do you have or know someone with a first name that can be pronounced a few different ways? What are some common ones?


2/24/21:  What are the first body parts Men and Women notice when they meet someone for the first time?


2/24/21:  Conspiracy theories about the snow that won’t burn in Texas.  We explain what’s really going on in those viral videos you’re seeing online.


2/23/21:  We’re looking for Extreme Cheapskates.  This is beyond normal!


2/22/21:  If you’ve ever tried to change people’s minds on Facebook, then this episode of Real American Heroes is for you!


2/22/21:  Have you ever misheard lyrics of songs that have been played hundreds of times?  We found two.  One from Journey and one from the Eagles that you might have misheard for years!


2/18/21:  What is it like to be a contestant on Family Feud?  One local family tells us all about what happened.


2/18/21:  Randy Brown from the Coliseum joins us to talk about the new clear plastic bags you’ll need if you want to go a to a Komets game this season.


2/17/21:  Snow shovels that cost $100!  What’s going on now?


2/15/21:  Poor Angie, her special Valentine’s Day surprise backfires…


2/11/21:  Did you see the viral video of the Zoom call where they lawyer was being shown as Cat?  This might lead to a new TV show!


2/11/21:  In honor of Valentines Weekend, we’re talking about Ft. Wayne’s greatest Meat Markets!


2/8/21:  What was the best Super Bowl Commercial this year?  We played one that also caused a stir on social media.  Do you agree?


2/4/21:  Guess where they want to put a new Round-About in Fort Wayne?


2/4/21:  Things that Men over 40 should never wear again.


2/4/21:  Why don’t we ever see women grilling?  When you do, Jim thinks this is why…


1/28/21:  If you want to find out if a guy you’re dating/interested in is going to be organized, look at this one thing about his life.


1/25/21:  Are you a first born, middle or youngest child?  Now, there’s a study that tells us what jobs would be best for you!


1/20/21:  Fort Wayne has made the list of the Dirtiest cities in America.  Are we at the top or on the bottom?


1/18/21:  If you’re over 25 you’re not supposed to be able to hear this sound.  Carrie and Jim can still hear it, but Angie cannot.  What about you?


1/14/21:  We started talking about some of the old Bars in Ft. Wayne that are no longer around. Great stories!


1/13/21:  The new Sex in the City is really a 2020’s version of the Golden Girls, right?


1/13/21:  Dog food that looks so delicious that people actually eat it, but not by mistake!


1/12/21:  Would you bet someone that you could lose weight?  Now there’s an App you can use to wager on whether you’ll lose weight or not, like you’re wagering on a Football game and it pays you cash if you succeed.


1/11/21:  Since it’s National Clean Off Your Desk Day, Jim had to give his theory on why employees with the most cluttered desks are the most valuable in the organization.


1/7/21:  Hear what happened when a crowd of protesters surround Indiana Senator Todd Young.


1/5/21:  Randy Brown from the Memorial Coliseum joined us with an update on the NCAA tournament games that are coming to Ft. Wayne and some other changes to the Coliseum that have been made to keep everyone safe this year.


1/4/20:  The psychic who predicted the Coronavirus in 2020 is out with new 2021 predictions.  Plus, Jim has some for Fort Wayne, too.


12/17/20:  You won’t believe how many people have no earthly idea what all their bodily organs do!


12/16/20:  Ever hide Christmas presents at home, but then forget where you hid them or forgot you even had them?


12/15/20:  Have you ever heard of a Holiday favorite in Wisconsin called a Cannibal Sandwich?


12/9/20:  Was your first car a piece of junk?  We’re remembering our first cars and how many things were wrong with them that we didn’t care about.


12/8/20:  Breakdancing as an Olympic Sport, Rock America and The Palace in Hicksville, OH.


12/8/20:  On the 40th Anniversary of his death, we were talking about how we found out John Lennon had been shot.


12/3/20:  Fort Wayne don’t want you to call 911 for this anymore.


12/2/20:  Brittney Spears vs. Karen Carpenter.  Who is more talented? Jim has an idea.


12/1/20:  Toys you still have from when you were a kid.


12/1/20:  Why is Jim done talking about the Netflix Hit “The Crown”?


11/19/20:  What is the first R-Rated movie you saw?  Did you parents ever find out?


11/17/20:  Here it is, they finally figured it out, the age when you start to feel old.


11/17/20:  Eddie Van Halen’s son, Wolf, goes to number 1 on iTunes with his tribute to his dad.  Hear why you should not watch the video at work.


11/16/20:  Well, Jim earned the name “Pops” by Carrie and Angie.  And here’s why.


11/12/20:  What mispronounced words (or phrases) drive you insane?  We’ve got a few to start with.


11/11/20:  A deer ran through a window at Blackhawk Middle School.  Jim recalls other incidents like that all over Ft. Wayne.


11/10/20:  Jim has a local bathroom named after him.  Another milestone.


11/5/20:  Did you play the Jonathan King from CNN “Drinking Game” on election night?


11/5/20:  We’re talking about girls who got their names from top 40 songs.  Here are some examples.


11/4/20:  Uh, are we running out of Toilet Paper…AGAIN?


11/4/20:  During recent Joe Biden Rally’s, he came up with a brilliant way to show approval while staying safe and socially distanced.  We could learn from it, too, in this crazy year.


10/29/20:  Former WANE-TV Anchor Heather Herron Joins us to talk about the new Coffee Table book she, Congressman Mark Souder and Melissa Long wrote about Fort Wayne Television 1953-2018.


10/28/20:  What’s going on with Night of Lights?  Rick Zollman from the Downtown Improvement District gives us the facts for this year celebration.


10/22/20:  If you know a woman who drives around in a car with lots of trash thrown all over the floor, make sure she hears this!


10/21/20:  Meet Rick Schuiteman, the new director of the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo!  He told us about what’s going on the rest of this fall at the Zoo.


10/19/20:  The 10 most stolen vehicles in the State of Indiana, do you drive own one of these?


10/14/20:  Bra’s and Thongs and Speedos!  Oh my!!


10/13/20:  So listen to that time we took Carrie to Hooters for lunch!


10/12/20:  Couples, do you have one joint bank account or separate accounts for each of you?  What works best?


10/08/20:  Did you see what the ratings are for sports?  Is anyone watching?


10/08/20:  Listen to this before you go and vote this year!


10/07/20:  Jim, Carrie and Angie remembering Eddie Van Halen with music clips and stories.


10/06/20:  What have you done that your spouse won’t let you forget?


10/01/20:  Carrie and Angie teamed to see how many things Jim could do on the list “Things Every Adult Man Should Be Able to Do”.


9/30/20:  They screwed up another delivery at Angie’s House again!


9/28/20:  How far can your car go when the low fuel light is one and the gauge is below “E”.  Asking for a friend.


9/24/20:  What posters did you have up in your room as a kid?


9/23/20:  The Memorial Coliseum’s Randy Brown joined us to talk about how up-coming parking lot concerts are going to work.


9/22/20: Here is the new list of the cars whose drivers get the most speeding tickets for 2020.


9/16/20:  Another Man Bashing article Jim found, this time about men who drive Sports Cars.


9/14/20:  14 things every modern woman should have in her purse right now.  Do Carrie and Angie pass the test?  Do you?


9/10/20:  We talked about how irritating it is to go grocery shopping with your significant other. Or, do you have fun?


9/9/20:  Jim think’s it’s time for Ft. Wayne to STOP winning awards.  Do you agree with him?


9/9/20:  Uh oh, a Hot Mic caught something in the studio this morning.


9/3/20:  New Stepmom vs. Teen Daughter with 55-Year-Old Husband Stuck in the Middle.


9/2/20:  Is anyone coming to a complete stop at these random stop signs they’re putting up in neighborhoods?


8/27/20:  Do you remember all of these restaurants and bars that are no longer in Fort Wayne, but were huge back in the 80’s?


8/26/20:  People are tired of cooking at home, so they’re ordering using mobile apps.  We tell our stay at home food delivery stories.


8/25/20:  You won’t believe what percentage of women who find men who wear masks during the COVID Pandemic sexy!


8/24/20:  Does anyone use coupons anymore?  And, if so, how much do you save?


8/20/20:  One third of car owners do NOT know how to do this simple task!  Do you?


8/18/20:  What’s going on with all the Golf Carts around neighborhoods?  Now Huntertown is issuing rules for Golf Carts, too.


8/17/20:  Angie appeared this morning on another edition of “Carrie’s Court” so we could help her resolve a grocery delivery incident…Do you agree with the verdict?


8/13/20:  Unusual things that people are feeding their pets and Jim’s “Big Boned” Sheltie.


8/12/20:  We’re trying to help frustrated parents with their kids school issued iPads and Laptops.


8/11/20:  Jim is mentioned by name at this week’s City Council Meeting.


8/5/20:  Wild reptiles running loose on the streets of NE Indiana.


8/4/20:  Jim’s trying to explain what that strange sound was he made on his vacation video.


7/29/20:  IU and NBA legend Quinn Buckner joins us to talk about the NBA and Bob Knight’s return to Assembly Hall earlier this year.


7/29/20:  Here’s simple test to see if your Marriage can make it to 50 years or if you’re doomed.


7/22/20:  We just discovered which child star of the 80’s is singing back-up on one of Michael Jackson’s songs from the Thriller LP!


7/21/20:  It’s National Junk Food Day!  We’re talking about what Foods you wish would come back!


7/20/20:  What is the most pleasurable body part to itch?  Yes, there is one part in particular that’s heaven to scratch!


7/15/20:  Guess how many women secretly have a “Back Up Husband“!


7/14/20:  Remember the song “Afternoon Delight“?  Remember what it really means?


7/13/20:  So now people are being shamed for actually wearing a mask!  This is happening in Fort Wayne!


7/8/20:  Another Strip Mall coming to Fort Wayne.  Why this is a good thing.


7/7/20:  What is the oldest tech you still use regularly?


7/6/20:  The World-Famous Lake James Sandbar made it onto ABC news this weekend!


6/24/20:  Here we go again with people shooting off Fireworks at all hours!


6/23/20:  Carrie can’t believe people do this when wearing masks in Fort Wayne!


6/23/20:  So now we find out there are two ways to fold your bath towels.  Which way do you do it?


6/17/20:  We made the mistake opening Cameo and looking at how much celebrities are charging to make a short video for their fans!


6/15/20:  Fort Wayne drivers are not on the same page when it comes to the many trail crossings in the area.


6/11/20:  Some relationships end because of bathroom habits.  What are some bathroom pet peeves of married people who share a bathroom?


6/11/20:  Why are Fort Wayne drivers doing this more and more these last few months?


6/10/20:  With word of the last Azar’s Big Boy closing in Fort Wayne, do you remember where all of their restaurants were located around the city at one time?


6/9/20:  Why do people who go to the Lake need to have Ivory Soap with them at all times?


6/8/20:  What are the top 10 best songs to drive to?  We play a piece of each one so let’s see what you think.


6/4/20:  Have you guys ever heard of having a Shower Beer?


6/1/20:  WANE-TV Anchor Dirk Rowley joined us to talk about events Friday night in Downtown Fort Wayne involving tear gas as he was covering the story live.


6/1/20:  Mayor Tom Henry called in to talk about the protests that turned violent this weekend in Fort Wayne.


5/28/20: The birthrate is now the lowest in the US since 1985.  So, we are trying to help find ways to get rid of your kids so you can have more “alone time”.


5/27/20:  So this happens to Carrie as she goes back to dine in a restaurant for the first time in months.


5/26/20:  Do you regret owning a pool?


5/21/20:  Road Trip?  Stop and tour one of the cleanest bathrooms in Indiana!


5/20/20:  Everyone has moved out of the old Byron Health Center off Lima Road.  Are bulldozers already on their way to tear it down?


5/19/20:  Maybe the Class of 2020 can have a graduation ceremony after all?  Chris Himsel, Superintendent of Northwest Allen County Schools joined us to talk about how local schools are planning to honor their graduates.


5/15/20:  Jack Hammer, Executive Director of the Three Rivers Festival joined us to talk about the announcement to cancel this years events.


5/14/20: How does one find love in the Corona Age?  We have some tips!


5/13/20: Have we seen the end of the Salad Bar…forever?


5/13/20:  Now we have a shortage of this in Fort Wayne.  Angie went to three stores to find it, people are buying them off the truck when they arrive at stores.


5/12/20:  To celebrate National Transportation Week we were talking about some famous people that you had to drive around.


5/11/20: With restaurant dining rooms opening back up, you won’t believe what challenges they are going to face.  Christina Ray Durnell from El Azteca’s joined us to explain.


5/7/20: Should we worry about a meat shortage around this area?  We had officials from Kroger on to tell us what’s going on behind the scenes.


5/6/20: We were talking about how young we were (well below the legal age to drive) when we first took the car out for a spin.


5/5/20: Dan O’Connell from Visit Fort Wayne joined us to talk about some out of the box things we can do to bring tourist back to Fort Wayne during this unique period.


5/5/20: Local fast food restaurants are running out of meat.  What’s going on?


5/1/20:  Mayor Henry joined us to talk about Fort Wayne slowing opening up and getting back to business.


4/29/20:  Dr. McMahan from the Allen County Department of Health gives an A- to how we are doing in our community with this virus.


4/29/20:  We spoke with Sen Todd Young about rumors that we’re all getting a check again next month, this time for $2,000!  And other things going on that affect our area.


4/28/20:  We spoke with the Department of Workforce Development to help us figure out why so many listeners are waiting so long for their benefit check after being laid-off their jobs.


4/28/20:   Zack Cook, a Decatur resident, happened to be in China when the pandemic started over there and talked to us about what he witnessed.


4/23/20:  Here’s another (never thought about) profession that’s being hurt by the shutdown.


4 /22 /20:  Geoff Paddock, Executive Director of Headwater Park, called in to talk about the status of the summer festivals.


4/21/20:  Jim found some pictures online of where he took his first public shower and wanted everyone to know about it.


4/21/20:  Erin from Pin Up Curls listens to us complain about what a disaster our hair is with this shutdown and tries to offer some help.


4/20/20:  Randy Brown from the Memorial Coliseum joined us with some amazing info on how the Coliseum will operate going forward.


4/17/20:  Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch called in to talk to us about some of the things the State of Indiana is doing in response to the Coronavirus.


4/17/20:  The Zoo was supposed to open this weekend, Zoo director Jim Anderson joined us to talk about they are doing during the Shut-Down and when they might re-open.


4/15/20:  How are people dating during the shutdown?  And what does a man’s credit score say to his date?


4/14/20:  We spoke to Jeff Hall, from Don Halls Restaurants to get a feel about how our local restaurants have been holding up through all of this.


4/13/20:  Today should have been opening day at Parkview Field, Michael Limmer joined us so we can find out what’s going on with the TinCaps.


4/13/20:  Sen Mike Braun joined us again for the latest update on the State/Federal response to the Coronavirus.


4/9/20:  Indiana’s First Lady, Janet Holcomb, called in to talk about ways Indiana state government is helping people affected by COVID-19.


4/7/20:  Mayor Henry called us with the latest update on how Ft. Wayne is handling the Cornavirus.


4/2/20:  The best, must hear, local information anywhere about COVID-19 with Dr. Deb McMahan, Allen County Health Commissioner.


4/1/20:  Chris Cuomo has Corona Virus and was on TV last night.  Is this the right thing to do?  Will it make people less fearful of the disease?


3/31/20:  Should we panic when we see empty grocery store shelves?  We talked to Kroger about what’s going on recently with the supply chain.


3/30/20:  Dr. Kine joined us to talk about extra steps Parkview is taking for more cases of the COVID-19 Virus in our area.


3/29/20:  We spoke with Sen. Braun about what small businesses and displaced workers can look forward to in the new government relief bill.

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