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5/21/20:  Road Trip?  Stop and tour one of the cleanest bathrooms in Indiana!


5/20/20:  Everyone has moved out of the old Byron Health Center off Lima Road.  Are bulldozers already on their way to tear it down?


5/19/20:  Maybe the Class of 2020 can have a graduation ceremony after all?  Chris Himsel, Superintendent of Northwest Allen County Schools joined us to talk about how local schools are planning to honor their graduates.


5/15/20:  Jack Hammer, Executive Director of the Three Rivers Festival joined us to talk about the announcement to cancel this years events.


5/14/20: How does one find love in the Corona Age?  We have some tips!


5/13/20: Have we seen the end of the Salad Bar…forever?


5/13/20:  Now we have a shortage of this in Fort Wayne.  Angie went to three stores to find it, people are buying them off the truck when they arrive at stores.


5/12/20:  To celebrate National Transportation Week we were talking about some famous people that you had to drive around.


5/11/20: With restaurant dining rooms opening back up, you won’t believe what challenges they are going to face.  Christina Ray Durnell from El Azteca’s joined us to explain.


5/7/20: Should we worry about a meat shortage around this area?  We had officials from Kroger on to tell us what’s going on behind the scenes.


5/6/20: We were talking about how young we were (well below the legal age to drive) when we first took the car out for a spin.


5/5/20: Dan O’Connell from Visit Fort Wayne joined us to talk about some out of the box things we can do to bring tourist back to Fort Wayne during this unique period.


5/5/20: Local fast food restaurants are running out of meat.  What’s going on?


5/1/20:  Mayor Henry joined us to talk about Fort Wayne slowing opening up and getting back to business.


4/29/20:  Dr. McMahan from the Allen County Department of Health gives an A- to how we are doing in our community with this virus.


4/29/20:  We spoke with Sen Todd Young about rumors that we’re all getting a check again next month, this time for $2,000!  And other things going on that affect our area.


4/28/20:  We spoke with the Department of Workforce Development to help us figure out why so many listeners are waiting so long for their benefit check after being laid-off their jobs.


4/28/20:   Zack Cook, a Decatur resident, happened to be in China when the pandemic started over there and talked to us about what he witnessed.


4/23/20:  Here’s another (never thought about) profession that’s being hurt by the shutdown.


4 /22 /20:  Geoff Paddock, Executive Director of Headwater Park, called in to talk about the status of the summer festivals.


4/21/20:  Jim found some pictures online of where he took his first public shower and wanted everyone to know about it.


4/21/20:  Erin from Pin Up Curls listens to us complain about what a disaster our hair is with this shutdown and tries to offer some help.


4/20/20:  Randy Brown from the Memorial Coliseum joined us with some amazing info on how the Coliseum will operate going forward.


4/17/20:  Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch called in to talk to us about some of the things the State of Indiana is doing in response to the Coronavirus.


4/17/20:  The Zoo was supposed to open this weekend, Zoo director Jim Anderson joined us to talk about they are doing during the Shut-Down and when they might re-open.


4/15/20:  How are people dating during the shutdown?  And what does a man’s credit score say to his date?


4/14/20:  We spoke to Jeff Hall, from Don Halls Restaurants to get a feel about how our local restaurants have been holding up through all of this.


4/13/20:  Today should have been opening day at Parkview Field, Michael Limmer joined us so we can find out what’s going on with the TinCaps.


4/13/20:  Sen Mike Braun joined us again for the latest update on the State/Federal response to the Coronavirus.


4/9/20:  Indiana’s First Lady, Janet Holcomb, called in to talk about ways Indiana state government is helping people affected by COVID-19.


4/7/20:  Mayor Henry called us with the latest update on how Ft. Wayne is handling the Cornavirus.


4/2/20:  The best, must hear, local information anywhere about COVID-19 with Dr. Deb McMahan, Allen County Health Commissioner.


4/1/20:  Chris Cuomo has Corona Virus and was on TV last night.  Is this the right thing to do?  Will it make people less fearful of the disease?


3/31/20:  Should we panic when we see empty grocery store shelves?  We talked to Kroger about what’s going on recently with the supply chain.


3/30/20:  Dr. Kine joined us to talk about extra steps Parkview is taking for more cases of the COVID-19 Virus in our area.


3/29/20:  We spoke with Sen. Braun about what small businesses and displaced workers can look forward to in the new government relief bill.

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