Jim, Carrie & Angie Rewind

No matter how cold it gets, they’res always that one guy wearing shorts!

Cougars and Coyote’s running lose in Aboite again!

Fort Wayne Ranks Number 1 for managing traffic congestion.

Colin Mochrie former cast member from “Who’s Line Is It Anyway” called in this morning!

Listen to some of these amazing Ghost Stories that listeners called on Halloween!

Well, they’ve remade “Baby, it’s Cold Outside” to be politically correct.  We compare the old/new lyrics.

New ranking places Fort Wayne as one of the nations best paying cities of young workers.  How much does a 16 year old make here?

Who remembers when LS Ayres was Downtown?

What’s was up with Naked Swimming at Northside High School?

Award winning Ft. Wayne City Water vs. Well Water from God’s Country?

We now know why Grandma always told you to take your shoes off when you went to visit her!

What is the deal with Carrie’s Big Wad O’ Cash?

What are the 2019 Most Exclusive Restaurants in Fort Wayne based on most expensive Entree?

Is the Super Bowl Half Time Show music getting too “soft”?  Here’s rundown of where it’s gone.

Men, would you wear a Fanny Pack?  Well, they’re coming back!

Who’s heard of the Game BUNCO and does anyone in Fort Wayne play?

Have you ever been Gouged?  And there’s nothing you can do about it!

Do any couples like going food/grocery shopping together?

Does even bother to stand behind the “Privacy” rope at the Pharmacy anymore?  Carrie had another run in there, too!

It’s starting.  Hologram’s of Major Artists are going on tour.  Guess who’s first?

Did you know that boy’s bathrooms in schools had NO stall doors for privacy?

Comedian Ron White  talks about how “You can’t fix stupid” came to be and other things!

How would you feel about the airlines weighing you before you were issued a boarding pass?

The new list of the richest zip codes in our area is out again.  Lot’s of small towns in the top ten this year!

As another NFL season get’s started, we were looking for Ft. Wayne’s biggest football fanatics!

Have you noticed people have no patience today?  Now we know why!

What are the jobs/professions that have the LOWEST divorce rates?

Guess who purchased the first Pumpkin Spice Latte in Ft. Wayne this season?  And guess what happened next!

Jim’s idea on what the Colts should do now without Andrew Luck.

Some interesting facts about those Scooters coming to downtown Fort Wayne we learned.

Former Ft. Wayne trash provider, Republic Services did not win the bid to continue collecting trash because Red River’s bid came in lower.  Maybe now we can narrow down what is to blame for the trash issues we’re having.

Out of all 50 states, where does Indiana Rank for “FUN”.  Uh oh.

Hear what went on Behind the Scenes at the Paul McCartney Show with Coliseum Manager Randy Brown.

Comedy Legend Roseanne Barr called in to talk about her upcoming show in Fort Wayne!

Meet the Fort Wayne Man who will be on Jeopardy tonight!

Rock stars no longer with us, like Frank Zappa and Ronnie James Dio are going back on Tour via Hologram!  Could this be the new trend to keep aging rockers touring forever?

Tax Day is always Rich Appreciation Day on the Jim, Carrie and Angie show, a day Jim came-up with to thank the rich for all the taxes they pay!

Follow-up to the story about couples who have separate bank accounts, what Marriage Counselors are now saying about this trend!

Jim was amazing in the NCAA Basketball Tournament wasn’t he?

Do you call your in-laws “Mom and Dad” or by their first names?

Bruce Hall from REO Speedwagon calls Jim and Carrie today to talk about their upcoming show in Fort Wayne.

Jim and Carrie talk with Journey’s Steve Perry!

Don Brewer of Grand Funk Railroad tells Jim and Carrie about how the song “We’re An American Band” came about.

Wayne Nelson from the Little River Band joined Jim and Carrie to talk about their upcoming concert at the Follinger.

Jonathan Cain from Journey has a new book out.  He called in to talk about the band with Jim and Carrie.

Jim and Carrie we’re talking about This Day in Fort Wayne History when President Reagan visited during the Flood of ’82 and how young people literally saved the city.

Jim and Carrie’s 40th Anniversary of the Blizzard of ’78 Show featured a call from the WANE-TV Weatherman who was on that night, Paul Bayrs.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at Elmhurst High School as it stands today before demolition begins.