Zack Skyler


Zack Skyler is Programming Assistant for FUN 101.7, Alt 99.5 and Majic 95.1.

Zack was born and raised in Indiana.  Born in Muncie and raised in Huntington.  As a very young kid in the 70’s, he discovered making noise was fun and started playing the drums. The other interest happened to be radio. Wings was the first band Zack remembers hearing (Zack was born in 1971) and then went back and discovered The Beatles.

Growing up in the 80’s, Zack had a great appreciation for the Big 80’s, which included many of the FUN 101 superstar artists: Bruce Springsteen, Pat Benatar, Bryan Adams, Madonna, Van Halen, Prince, Billy Idol etc. Zack was a Top 40 kid, but loved rock and roll and all forms of it.

He spent time as a baby DJ working in Huntington, Marion, and Wabash, before getting his first Fort Wayne spot right out of high school.  Z-Man lived for many years in Fort Wayne and has worked at a few places around Fort Wayne over the years, including for WLDE in the mid-late 90’s and spent time living and working in Orlando and Minneapolis, doing mostly radio, but a stretch of television too.

Zack is a certified music geek! Whether it’s the history of SUN Records and Elvis, the smooth sounds of Sam Cooke (Zack’s favorite R&B artist), talkin’ The Beatles, The Stones and The Kinks (HUGE British Invasion fan), sharing his love of Badfinger, enjoying the machine that is Led Zeppelin, the trip that is Pink Floyd, the songwriting of Fleetwood Mac, discussing the greatness of the underrated Big Star or his love of The Ramones and The Replacements. Zack favorites include:  The Alarm, early U2, early INXS, The Pixies, Sonic Youth, The Buzzcocks, The Clash and Talking Heads.

Zack is a movie buff too, with a great appreciation for films. Zack favorites include: The Godfather, Goodfellas, Scarface, Casino. Huge fan of documentaries.

Family is a major part of Zack’s life.  He has two great kids, Emily and Andrew.  He also enjoys live, original music from great artists, going to the movies, playing the drums, traveling, photography, art, anything outdoors, Colts and hockey.

You can hear Zack weekdays from 12-4pm with Classic Hits Countdown every weekday at 12pm, plus Face the Music in the 1 o’clock hour and the Zack Track in the 3 o’clock hour.

Zack loves talking about about everything: All things Fort Wayne, Life 101, his kids, the latest happenings in sports and news, talkin’ tv, music, movies, books (an avid reader), food, pets and whatever pops into his head.

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